Our Projects

In response to the overwhelming need in Eastern Cameroon we embarked on a programme of Water, Sanitation and Hygeine (WaSH) Projects.

Our Water, Sanitation and Hygeine (WaSH) Solutions

Hand-dug Wells

To date, our student chapter in Southampton has successfully delivered seven hand-dug wells which provide clean drinking water. Our wells follow a typical design, consisting of precast reinforced concrete rings sunk into the ground to support an excavation below the water table, into a shallow aquifer. We use a standard and readily accessible hand pump that is familiar to local maintenance suppliers. Together these wells support a population of over 5,000 people. 

Water Capture and Storage Systems

After joining in 2019, our student chapter at Imperial chose to focus on alternative sources of clean water to supplement those from our existing wells. In late 2021 they retrofitted a trial rainwater harvesting and storage system on an existing structure’s roof which filters and stores water in a concrete blockwork tank. 

Improved Pit Latrines

In 2016 when our student chapter in Birmingham joined the charity, they took ownership of our Sanitation and Hygiene projects. After four years of research they have designed a communal ventilated pit latrine and plan to deliver their pilot project in early 2022. The latrine consists of a mortar lined storage pit which once full is left for 12 months and then emptied. The pits are ventilated by permanent pipes which reduce odours and trap flies. 

Hand-dug well in Mbele Mbeke, 2017

Population: 400

Sponsor: Strathspey Charitable Trust

Hand-dug well in Tongo, 2017

Population: 15,000

Sponsor: WSP

Hand-dug well in Mbangue, 2017

Population: 500

Sponsor: Souter Charitable Trust

Hand-dug well in Garoua Yaka, 2018

Population: 2,300

Sponsor: CEMAR, Bryan Guiness Charitable Trust

Hand-dug well in Petit Bello, 2019

Population: 1,400

Sponsor: Rotdary Club of Radcliffe

Hand-dug well in Deoule, 2020

Population: 900

Second Hand-dug well in Garoua Yaka, 2021

Population: 2,300

Sponsor: WSP

Rainwater Harvesting and Storage System in Bambouti, 2022

Population: 400

Sponsor: Imperial College London

A huge thank you to the supporters of our WaSH programme so far...