Our Focus Areas

We conduct our work through four focus areas. Within each of these we define what we hope to achieve, what we do to achieve this, and the impact we have.

Project Delivery

We deliver essential needs-assessed infrastructure projects to some of the least developed communities in Eastern Cameroon.

The most tangible impact we have is through the delivery of essential infrastructure projects. Project Delivery encompasses the full project lifecycle, from needs assessment to post-handover monitoring and evaluation.

Community Engagement

We involve local communities throughout the project delivery lifecycle to ensure our solutions consider the cultural, religious, economic and political setting.

Community engagement encompasses all of our interactions with our beneficiary communities, local governance and representation in Cameroon. We involve these stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of each project; from thorough initial field visit surveys to ongoing monitoring and evaluation post-handover.

Student Development

We support our student volunteers to become future civil society leaders and sustainability thinkers.

Student volunteers are the core drivers of our impact, responsible for the design of, and fundraising for, each project. This level of student involvement in an international development charity is unique to Cameroon Catalyst and is important because it provides those at the beginning of their careers with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience across a range of technical and non-technical areas.

Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

We aspire to partner and share our best practice and lessons learned with the wider industry.

Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing includes all of our interactions with NGOs, companies, institutions and wider industry outside of our beneficiary communities. We aspire to partner with organisations to deliver the most effective projects and share our research findings, best practice and lessons learned.