Cameroon Catalyst is a student driven international development charity empowering sustainable change in Eastern Cameroon.

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Who we are

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Our vision is for rural communities in Cameroon to possess the autonomy and opportunity to achieve their own sustainable development towards a fulfilling, healthy and prosperous future.

Our mission is to act as a catalyst for sustainable change in rural Cameroon by delivering needs-assessed infrastructure which empowers local communities to engage with their own sustainable development.

Our Incoming Strategy

With realigned focus areas, a refreshed look and strategic objectives for the next five years we’re excited to launch our Strategy for 2022-26.

Our plans seek to reinvigorate our aims and set a clear path forwards for Cameroon Catalyst. With a strong portfolio of successful projects we’re ready to take our lessons learned forward and see what the next five years hold.

Whether you’re a student volunteer, one of our supporters or just interested in our work we invite you to watch our launch video and think about the part you might play in this next chapter for Cameroon Catalyst.