Our History

We were co-founded in 2009 by a team of civil engineering students at the University of Southampton in partnership with a native Cameroonian living in the UK.

2009 - 2014: Priority Towards Bambouti

Our first programme of works between 2009 and 2014 prioritised the village of Bambouti. Over five years we delivered five independent projects addressing five interconnected development needs.

2014 Improved Housing

In 2014, we collaborated with Betterworld Cameroon, a charity who promotes and trains people in sustainable house building techniques. Locals have been trained to construct houses using these sustainable housing techniques and four houses have been built in Bambouti. These houses have provided accommodation for staff at the January Hope Medical Centre and the local school, allowing the staff to work full time in the village.

For our project in 2013, we partnered with Energy for Development, a UK organisation based at the University of Southampton delivering renewable energy solutions in energy poor and economically disadvantaged communities. The project delivered an “Energy Hub” comprising a Solar Power system with integrated battery storage to provide reliable and affordable electricity to the village. The Energy Hub powers the medical centre’s vaccination fridge and lighting and generates a healthy income from phone charging, a barber shop, a video room and battery powered lamp charging.

2013 Solar Electrification Hub

2012 School Classrooms

After years of neglect, Bambouti’s only school building had become run down and dilapidated. In 2012, we constructed two new teaching blocks, each with capacity for 80 students. In response to the project, a national newspaper highlighted our work, criticising the government for their neglect of the original school building. This prompted the government to provide further funds to renovate the original school building, expanding the enrolment capacity and providing additional teachers. In 2019, 264 students were enrolled at the school.

With a shortage of training opportunities for young adults in the community, in 2011 we designed and commissioned a brand-new building for the purpose of teaching trade skills to members of the village. The Papa Gaspard Carpentry & Mechanical Workshop has provided the community with vocational teaching facilities, which include a specialist area for training in carpentry and mechanics.

2011 Papa Gaspard Carpentry & Mechanical Workshop

2010 January Hope Medical Centre

In 2010 we constructed a health facility; the January Hope Medical Centre. The centre provides Bambouti and other nearby villages with a vital level of basic medical care. It has also provided Bambouti with an additional clean water source, further reducing illness in the village. In 2016 we partnered with two local charities, Christian Missionary Fellowship International and Hope Clinic Bertoua, to establish a satellite clinic at the centre. This partnership has further increased the centre’s range of services and its capacity and reach. In January of 2019 678 childrenwere given vital vaccinations at the centre.