Holly Cheshire has been our Birmingham chapter President for the 2018/19 academic year and has lead the team with great dedication and ingenuity. We would like to take the chance to say thank you to her, and the Birmingham and Southampton teams for their hard work this year!

Here is Holly’s account of her year as President:

The Student Fair

This has been the second official year for the Birmingham chapter as a society at the university. In some ways, it has gone quickly, and all the Krispy Kreme sales seem a blur! The year hasn’t been without its challenges, especially with attendance of meetings. However, the committee all worked so hard together, and we managed to successfully continue with design and fundraising. One of the most successful fundraising events was the “Blind date” book stall; selling mystery books wrapped up in newspaper with three key words written as clues. I also took part in the 40-mile walk from Oxford to Reading (unfortunately falling short of the 40 miles!), which was a challenge and I’m in awe of the people who made it the whole way!

Our developed latrine design

The design is progressing on and the old committee are currently in the process of handing over the documents to the new members so the design can continue being developed. We had one member from Birmingham attend the trip to Cameroon this year who has collected key information for the current project and those to come.

I’ve really enjoyed being chair of the Birmingham chapter this year and can’t wait to hear about the continuing progress and achievements that will be made by the new team.

Holly Cheshire

Birmingham Chapter President 2018/19