With 40% of the world’s population without access to adequate sanitation and 50% of Cameroon’s rural population without safe drinking water, we continue to focus on delivering water and sanitation projects in East Cameroon. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve invested nearly £25,000 in the construction of 3 new wells since March!

Our local volunteer Virginie has been managing the procurement and delivery of these 3 wells. Virginie has been a fantastic addition to the team, working collaboratively with the contractors and villagers to ensure that these projects run smoothly whilst also keeping the rest of the team back in the UK up to date with the progress on site; her passion, enthusiasm and hard work is now paying off with the successful completion of these wells! Virginie is now preparing to coordinate the handover of these wells to the villagers and help the team in their research for the provision of future water and latrines projects in other villages across the region.

In Virginie’s words: “This is my very first project to manage on my own on behalf of Cameroon Catalyst and I have learnt a lot throughout the process. As a young female doing what is seen to be a ‘man’s job’, I am very fortunate to work with excellent subcontractors who have honoured their contracts and respect me regardless of my gender and young age. The experience of working with Anthony (Cameroon Catalyst’s 2016 intern abroad) and my recent placement with Betterworld Cameroon has empowered me to plan and manage the projects this year. I’m also fortunate to work with Sandrine, my mentor and project coordinator; she’s been a fantastic role model and I have benefited immensely from her experience in dealing with subcontractors and the example she sets as a strong, resilient woman in a leadership role.  I am very grateful to Cameroon Catalyst for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to work with them to drive the development of our villages.”

In June, we’ll be taking students from University of Southampton, University of Birmingham and Imperial College London to Cameroon for 3 weeks. The key aims of the annual trip are to handover our 3 new well projects to the local communities, finalise the locations for the next 3 wells and undertake further research for the latrine and hand washing facilities. Research with the local community will also be undertaken in the form of surveys, workshops and group Q&A sessions. Virginie is particularly excited to meet members of the team from the UK: “I am looking forward to welcoming the team on their visit to Cameroon next month and can’t wait to show them the results of our hard work and for them to feel and embrace the love and gratitude people have here for the incredible work they are doing for us.”

We look forward to following the team’s progress on their trip and reporting back in a few weeks time!