The University of Southampton team are hard at work with the  development of a well design to be used in our Water and Sanitation project. The aim is to construct 10 wells across the region which would provide water for approximately 3000 people.

As part of the design process, the team are of carefully considering the construction process of the wells. For example,  how do you lift the half tonne concrete well cap over the well safely and without the use of lifting equipment? Or, how do you cast a concrete well cap over a meter wide well hole, without leaving shuttering in the hole? Both problems create issues which could either contaminate the well or cause danger to the people involved in the construction. A simple solution has therefore been proposed: a thinner concrete lid could be lifted onto a raised well wall, where it would no longer be required to take the weight of people.

We will be posting updates of our project as we continue with the design. Make sure to check our website regularly for more information,  or read our project  summary here: Cameroon Catalyst Summary 2016.