Structural Engineering Checker

Cameroon Catalyst is a charity run largely by civil engineering students at the University of Southampton. For the past five years, we have fundraised, designed and built a number of community infrastructure projects in North – East Cameroon, including a health centre, primary school, solar hub and carpentry workshop.

We are in need of an experienced structural engineer to join the volunteer team to guide the engineering students with their calculations, make recommendations and undertake a final check of the structural designs. Already involved are architectural charity Article 25 and the University of Southampton who provide regular advice, alongside recently graduated engineers who also make up some of the team. However we are looking for someone with greater experience to take the lead. A charted engineer would be desirable but we would not rule out an experienced engineer who may not yet be chartered.

The projects run alongside the academic year and so planning the work will be important to ensure that there is sufficient time to undertake the checks and any subsequent changes required.

This would involve:

  • Checking the student calculation plan includes all the required checks. To be completed early in the academic year, around October.
  • Attending one or more design reviews (in London or Southampton between October and March). If attending a review in person is not possible, sending comments on preliminary drawings and calculations will also work.
  • Checking final calculations to ensure the design is complete and that the building has structural integrity.
  • Checking final ‘construction’ drawings. Providing the student team with a mark-up of final changes in March.

These tasks will vary each year depending on the project. The current project involves designing and building three water pumps and therefore has little structural input, however next year’s project will likely involve Latrine design with greater structural elements. Regardless of the project the role would be to ensure structurally integrity. Other disciplines will join as and where appropriate.

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to