We Need Your Help!

Due to the current pandemic, our student teams are unable to fundraise for our water & sanitation projects through our usual on campus activities. The present climate has highlighted for all of us just how important good hygiene practices are, which is why it is extremely important to us that we continue to raise money for future projects in Cameroon.

The month of May will see the construction of our sixth well in Cameroon, in the village of Deoule. Due to travel restrictions we are unable to undertake our annual trip to Cameroon to both visit the completed well and conduct vital research for future projects.

This is where you come in…

In line with the 2.6 challenge, our mission is to raise £2,600 and virtually travel a distance of 5,200km (two lots of 2,600km!) from London to Deoule. While adhering to social distancing and lockdown rules of course (solo running, cycling or walking). We want to achieve our target by the end of May, in time to ‘see’ the completion of this year’s well. We can’t do this by ourselves so WE NEED YOUR HELP!


How Can You Help?

As a team, we will be collectively running, walking or cycling the distance to Cameroon over the month of May. We are aiming to achieve our targets of £2,600 and 5,200km by the time the well is complete (at the end of May). There are two ways in which you can help us achieve this:

  • Sponsor us for this mission through our JustGiving page

  • Be actively involved – help us reach our distance target by tracking your activities throughout the month

Anyone is welcome to continuously contribute to our distance target throughout May. Activities could include running, cycling, walking up and down stairs at home, tracking your daily steps, dog walking – basically anything that covers a distance.

Just remember to let us know how far you’ve travelled through social media, with your donation or through our contact form!

London to Deoule

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We’ve made it to Deoule!

Our Progress

Our fundraising target of £2,600:


Our distance target of 5,200km: