We received this update from Sandrine, who is leading Cameroon Catalyst representation in Cameroon, about the impact the well we completed in Summer 2020. It shows the huge impact the well has had on the health of the local community and those seeking refuge in Eastern Cameroon:

Sandrine visiting the Petit Bello well

The village Nurse has noticed a significant drop in the number of children coming to the infirmary suffering with diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases. Only 11 children, mainly refugees from Central African Republic (CAR), were treated since July compared to 76 cases last year.

The well committee (who manages the running and maintenance of the well) is well structured and has a healthy balanced account due to the regular contribution from the families in the village. The refugees (from CAR) cannot currently contribute and this has created tensions in the village. However, an agreement was reached recently with the local United Nations High Commissioner for Refuges (UNHCR) office who agreed to pay the committee for the refugees and contribute towards ongoing maintenance of the pump. There is a rigorous timetable now to monitor the usage of the well, that everyone in the village observe. The quality of the water was

recently tested by the regional health ministry and found to be as good as the mineral bottled water sold in the market.”

Take a look a the well in action!