Cameroon Catalyst worked with Article 25  to design a safer and more sustainable housing prototype. Innovations included triangular shaped windows for improved structural performance, rendered flooring to reduce the spread of diseases and jali walls to increase ventilation. The CamCat design team also included rainwater harvesting and a latrine to improve sanitation.

The collaborative approach between the CamCat team and the villagers during the construction of the house enabled knowledge transfer and an exchange of experiences which will increase the longevity of the project and aid future projects in the village and across the region. The Nurse has now moved into her new home and is delighted with the outcome “My house is like a mirror in the village, because everyone loves it and could see themselves living in it…” We hope that this project will inspire the villagers to build better housing in the future, to improve their well being and encourage a new concept of rural urbanisation in Cameroon.