Our student teams at the Universities of Southampton, Birmingham and Imperial College have spent their second term working hard to progress their project designs and have been fundraising for construction in Cameroon. While they are unable to meet in person they are working hard to collaborate from different parts of the country and around the world!

Imperial College London

The Imperial College team had a successful start to the year focusing on the first work package of their project to develop water towers for villages in Eastern Cameroon. The first package researches the potential requirements of the water tower including identifying local water demands and the current supply system. They are researching the hydrology of the region and considering various pumping options. Another area of development is the water treatment methods that can be used to ensure that the water does not stagnate once collected in the tower to ensure it remains usable by the local community.

The team also held some successful fundraisers with the highlight being a live music evening at the Students’ Union bar with some of their own talented team taking to the stage! They have been given a £1,000 grant from the Imperial Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering which will help them facilitate the finalisation of the design and expand the chapter’s work next academic year.

They have also been working well together remotely and have developed a virtual pub quiz that they’re rolling out to friends and family and have raised £130 already!

The Imperial team will continue to work on their first work package over the summer and a the abrupt end to the term may allow them to accelerate the design process over the summer to see the early completion of the next work stage!


The Birmingham team kicked off this term with some great fundraising events planned by their dedicated fundraising team. Pangea, their annual cultural showcase evening, was a great success which featured performances and food from all around the globe. The CivSoc X CAMCAT Pub Quiz was another highlight which raised £112 from ticket sales and the raffle. 

Despite having the term cut short the existing committee and incoming committee are working closely to hand over responsibilities and to ensure the teams’ work continues in the summer.

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The Southampton team have been focused on the organisation of the charity-wide group fundraiser – the Yorkshire three peaks which has sadly been postponed. The team will continue to look into other fundraising avenues and will re-organise for later in the year.


They are working well together remotely to adapt to learning and examination processes online while continuing charity work. Following the Easter break the teams will meet virtually and the committee has devised a support system to help the design and research teams’ work.

In positive news, the construction of this year’s well in the village of Deoule is still looking to go ahead in the coming weeks, and the construction information has been passed to our local contractor in Cameroon who is closely following COVID-19 advice from the Government of Cameroon.