On the 25th April, the Annual General Meeting was held for the Southampton team to celebrate the achievements of the year and to elect the committee for next year. Some of the major achievements celebrated were:

  • Over £15,000 has been raised by the Southampton team through a range of fundraising activities, including cake sales, night club events, personal fundraising challenges and grant applications
  • Great progress has been made on the design of the water and sanitation projects for the region. We hope to implement a scheme of 10 new wells in Cameroon between June and September.
  • A trip is planned for June to help start the well construction, and preparations are well under way for this trip.

Next year, the team will continue with the focus on water and sanitation, and work to develop a latrine design which can built across the region of East Cameroon. There is great enthusiasm from the new committee members who are keen to build upon the progress made this year and help grow the society even more. The new committee selected are:

Student President: Laura McFadzean Griffiths

Design Manager: Richard Saunders

Assistant Design Manager: Paul Bryans

Fundraising Coordinator: Megan Martin

Treasurer: Tom Edwards

Grants Coordinator: Feba Kollanoor

Social Secretary: Laura Farrington

Secretary: Alex Howe

Communication Officer: Sally Pickard


Join the Team

We are always looking for enthusiastic and able people to come join the student team. If you are looking to be involved in the student project next year, check out our volunteer page or contact us to find out more!



The 2015/2016 Student Team

Certificates were also awarded to the 13 students who took part in the Isle of Wight Challenge and other personal fundraising events. Megan Martin was awarded Fundraiser of the Year, for her fantastic effort in raising over £400.


Volunteers were awarded certificates for their outstanding commitment to fundraising