Launched in 2016, our new certification program aims to recognise the outstanding work completed by students in Cameroon Catalyst. Certificates are received for the following commitment levels:

Bronze: 25 Hours,  Silver: 50 Hours, Gold: 100 Hours, Platinum: 200 hours


  • Be recognised for your hard work for Cameroon Catalyst
  • Keeping track of your work is great way to remember your involvement, and can help in future job applications
  • Selected student stories will be shared on the website


1. Record your time spent volunteering

Keep track of your time spent in the charity using the timelog template provided. This can either be filled in electronically or printed. Keep a detailed description of your involvement with the tasks. It is great to remember exactly what your involvement was, and is useful for writing progress reports.

2. Once enough time has been completed, write a summary report

In order to claim a certificate , you must produce a short report of your involvement in Cameroon Catalyst. This provides a great opportunity for you to summarise your contribution to the charity, and it provides a useful way to remember your contribution in the future or highlight the work completed to a potential employer.

The report should be between 1-2 pages long, and there is no particular format which should be followed. Try on focus on the impact you have been able to have.

We will share selected student stories on the website. Permission will be requested from the member before being added.

3. Submit your documents

The report and timesheet should be submitted online using the online form below.

Once submitted, the forms will be reviewed. Certificates will then be produced within the month.


If you have any questions or queries regarding the certification procedure we are more than happy to answer! Please contact us here

Time Sheet Template

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