1. Once you have registered for an account, you can start a new post

2. Once on the new post there are a few things to be added:

  • Post title: try and add an engaging title for your article
  • Post content: it is usually best to write your content in a word processor like Microsoft Word before uploading it the website


3. Tag the type of post under “Categories” to say what the content includes i.e. Fundraising, News, General etc. It is possible to tag multiple categories. Anything tagged “Internship” will appear on the separate blog used for Ant Morris to report his work in Cameroon

4. If you would like to include an image (recommended), scroll down the page and set a “Featured Image” on the righthand sidebar

5. Once your draft article is complete, there are three options in the “Publish” box on the top right of the page:

  • Save Draft: the article is saved, and you can submit it later
  • Preview: lets you see how the article will appear on the website
  • Submit for Review: this will finish your work on the paper and submit the article to the editor. They will review it and aim to publish the work within 5 working days.
1: Once you have an account, you can add a new post at this page .

2: Once on the event page, you can add the description of the eventNewEvent

3: Fill out the additional information beneath the description box including Date, Location and contact details for the event. Stop once you reach the “Additional Functionality box”. 

4: Set a Featured Image for the post (this can be found on the right hand bar). You can upload an image from your computer.

5: Once all the content has been added, the article is almost ready to submit for review. It is recommended to preview the article before uploading it.