With design work and fundraising in full swing and the summer quickly approaching, planning the student led trip to Cameroon has become a key focus. A team of students will travel out to Cameroon in June for three weeks in order to get involved with and help oversee the construction of two wells.

Trip Details

The team plan to travel to  Cameroon in the week commencing 13th June and spend two weeks working on the projects and region of East Cameroon. During this period it is hoped that the students will be able to oversee the construction of two modern wells with the support of a hydrogeological expert through Groundwater Relief.  The students will also have the opportunity to work with local communities and help educate on how to  protect the water sources from future sources of contamination.

In the third and final week of their trip, there has been increasing interest to trek Mount Cameroon as a fundraising event for the charity. Being the highest point in Western and Central sub-Saharan Africa at 4000m tall and an active volcano, it will be a brilliant challenge for the team to accomplish and help to raise money in the process. The trek takes three days and includes a tour of the crater from the previous eruption in 1999.

Get Involved

We have have limited availability for additional students to join on the trip. It promises to be a fantastic three weeks for anyone interested in international development.

Participants are expected to cover their personal costs, and it is estimated to be around £1000 for the full three weeks.

If you are interested in joining the trip, please contact us and we can provide further information.  The deadline is 20th March 2016.