The charity has been following the development of the Covid-19 within Cameroon and have kept in contact with people within the country to monitor the impact on the people in the local communities and our on-going work.

Our co-founder Pat has the following update:


The government has closed the Cameroonian borders until further notice and has introduced confinement rules, particularly in big cities and high density areas. For a while the population was in denial believing that it’s a disease only affecting white people. The recent cases of death has changed the attitude of people who are now respecting the confinement rules, and the police and law enforcement are doing their jobs on the streets.

The Cameroon Catalyst Projects

The local Governor in the Eastern Region was the first to introduce confinement rules in Cameroon and is very supportive of Camcat’s works. He has given his approval to proceed with the construction of the well in Deoule, as he classifies this as essential and vital works to help the village community. He promised to sign a clearance letter to facilitate the purchasing of materials needed for the construction works.

In other villages the well committees have introduced a timetable for families including the refugees to get water throughout the day during opening hours from 6am to 6pm. This seems to be working well and helping the families to stay healthy.
No village markets and big gatherings are permitted until further notice.

Overall, the projects have a positive contribution to the confinement of people in the villages and providing clean water for everyone during this crisis.”

The Student teams had hoped to travel to Cameroon for the annual student trip in early June however, this has now been cancelled for this year and will aim to be rescheduled for January or March 2021. Excellent information collection on previous trips and regular contact with locals within the communities allows us to continue our work over the summer and into the next academic year.