Corporate Support

Cameroon Catalyst has built strong relationships with many organisations over the years.  These have supported our mission in a number of ways whether it is through fundraising activities, donations or helping raise awareness of our mission.

We are always looking for new businesses and organisations to become affiliated with, so if you would like more information on corporate donating or supporting Cameroon Catalyst, please email:

What are the benefits to your organisation?

There are various benefits for organisations and businesses when donating or getting involved with a charity like Cameroon Catalyst. These often include brand impact for corporate social responsibility, global influence, and the opportunity for networking with like-minded businesses.

Why support us?

Cameroon Catalyst has a different project each year focused on the development of a village in Cameroon. Projects include: water and sanitation, the erection of medical centres or schools or building electricity hubs to ensure medical supplies can be refrigerated and electricity can be accessible.

Funding is vital to ensure projects can be completed cradle to grave, which is why support from organisations is so important to us. Without it, we would not be able to complete the vital work we carry out in Cameroon.

How can your organisation support us?

There are a number of ways that your organisation can support our work. These include corporate donations, employee fundraising, customer engagement and cause-related marketing.

Our Supporters

We would like to thank the support offered to our work from a number of companies. The partnerships formed were vital in ensuring the success of of our projects and have helped us deliver our projects in Cameroon.