Student Trip 2019

In June students from the University of Southampton and the University of Birmingham completed their 10th annual research trip to Cameroon, where they visited previous projects, and carried out further research for upcoming installations. Existing Cameroon Catalyst wells were assessed to ensure adequate construction and maintenance, with a focus on the most recent well installation [...]

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From a Wedding to a Well

From 26th April to 13th May 2019 Cameroon Catalyst's design manager Leigh Jones visited Eastern Cameroon for an exciting and varied trip including a wedding, catching up with old friends and supervising the early stages of construction of the latest CamCat funded well in Petit Belo. Here is his personal account of his trip: The [...]

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Improving Construction – Ensuring Safety and Quality

Leigh and Pat at the airport Just before Christmas, Pat and Leigh met Laurent, CamCat’s preferred contractor for building the wells and latrines in Cameroon, in the capital Yaoundé. Sandrine and Didier, Pat’s sister and brother-in-law, were also there, so it was quite a convivial occasion! The discussions went much better than those [...]

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Latrine Design: Outcomes of Summer Trip

Latrine Design: Lessons learned from the 2018 Summer Trip During the student trip in June, Gemini, Sharon and Leigh from the University of Birmingham (UoB) latrine team travelled Eastern Cameroon to identify potential sites for the first public latrine, the design for which was developed in the 2016/17 academic year. Guided by a local construction [...]

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Transparency – “A Direct Line of Site”

Big Charities enjoy high profile political influence and public attention, which in turn gives them access to financial and promotional support from corporates, large multinational organisations and government departments, which in turn enables them to take on large-scale projects to deliver large-scale results.   Over the years Big Charities have delivered some amazing [...]

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Cameroon Catalyst attend Pitch@Palace Africa

The Duke of York invited Cameroon Catalyst to attend Pitch@Palace Africa, held in Partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering's Africa Prize on Wednesday 28th February at St James's Palace. Trustee Patrick Mballa helped to judge the 16 sub-Saharan African Entrepreneurs who presented on their scalable solutions to local challenges. The event highlighted the importance of engineering as an [...]

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Volunteering “Then & Now”

Leigh Jones, a member of the senior committee, has been involved in international development projects for over 50 years. In this piece, he reflects upon the changes in Volunteering between then and now, and lessons we can learn going forward. If one had to define the essential difference since the world of volunteering overseas fifty [...]

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Joint Design Workshop 2017: Tackling Water and Sanitation and Hygiene Challenges (WaSH) in Cameroon

We recently held our Joint Design Workshop, which brings together the Student Design Teams and the Senior Committee to reflect on our past and present Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects. By focusing on design, this annual workshop helps our Student Chapters to learn how to apply their globally transferable skills to a local context in [...]

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Well Construction in Cameroon – Now Underway!

With 40% of the world’s population without access to adequate sanitation and 50% of Cameroon’s rural population without safe drinking water, we continue to focus on delivering water and sanitation projects in East Cameroon. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve invested nearly £25,000 in the construction of 3 new wells since March! Our local volunteer [...]

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