On Thursday 10th March, Cameroon Catalyst were awarded the  Sustainability Action Award, 2016 for Best Student Group beating a number of student led organisations at the university. The awards celebrate the work of staff and students at the University who are changing the world for the better, and recognise the outstanding work that goes on within the university to help local and the global communities become  more sustainability focussed.

The  awards were presented by the Dean of the faculty of Engineering and the Environment Professor William Powrie, the Chief Operating Officer Ian Dunn and  the Vice President Welfare for the Students’ Union Sam Bailey. The judging panel recognised the outstanding work that the charity does in Cameroon to improve the standard of living for the most vulnerable areas of the country. It was particularly noted how the designs use traditional construction techniques to allow projects to be replicated easily, helping empower the local communities to construct further water resources.

It is the second time that Cameroon Catalyst has achieved the Best Student Group award, having also won the award in 2014 at the 1st Sustainability Action Awards. The award is an official recognition of the important work that the charity does in central Africa and will motivate further work within Cameroon to ensure that this positive message of sustainability is continued.

Further information about the Sustainability Action Awards can be found at here.