After four very busy and productive weeks, the Cameroonian volunteers have now finished their placements with Ant.

On Friday we presented the team with certificates to acknowledge the contribution that they have made to Cameroon Catalyst, discussed how they could best represent this period on their CVs / in future interviews and went out for a celebratory lunch at a local restaurant. Ant and fellow Cameroon Catalyst volunteer Sandrine then held individual meetings with each volunteer to discuss their placements and give feedback on individual performance.

We are are delighted to announce that Virginie will be our very first long-term, full-time Cameroonian volunteer. Virginie will continue to volunteer with Ant for the next three months and, after the successful completion of a three month probationary period, we hope to offer her the opportunity to become our very first employee!

There was some tough competition from the other members of the local volunteer team, but Virginie has consistently proven to be a strong candidate. She is extremely motivated to help drive the development of the region and has the ability to build relationships with a wide range of people from different backgrounds – which is particularly important, as talking to a government minister requires a very different approach to talking to a woman working on her farm in a village!.

A huge thank you to the other candidates – AnniePatrick and Santos – for their contribution to our projects, and congratulations to Virginie. We can’t wait to continue to work together!


It’s a huge step forward for Cameroon Catalyst to have a local person volunteering for us full time – for example, it should make our next projects more efficient, better organised and more successful, with improved monitoring and evaluation teaching us invaluable lessons for the future. On top of all that, I hope Virginie will be able to actively publicise our work, engage other locals in our collective goal and motivate them to also pursue the development of their region.

Ant Morris, Cameroon Catalyst intern