We are proud to release our latest business plan, which outlines our strategy up until 2021.

Our Key Priorities

Building upon our experience in the past 8 years, we have set the following priorities for the work of the charity:

1. Focus on Water and Sanitation

Focusing on water and sanitation will allow us to use our experience more effectively as we are able to learn from each successive project. By incorporating this learning into our new projects we will be able to add more value to the work carried out in future.

2. Community Mobilisation

Community support and mobilisation is essential to our success We have appointed Virginnie, an intelligent, industrious and indigenous villager as our resident CC member. Virginnie will be able to freely move amongst the communities we engage with and ensure that our values and objectives are continuously reflected in our projects. Since her appointment in 2016 Virginnie has undertaken extensive training both in our operating model and by Betterworld Cameroon in sustainable development.

3. Continuing, Post-Handover Engagement

Continuing engagement with Mosame Trust and other stakeholders post project-handover in Bambouti has enabled us to ensure that project outcomes are maintained and developed from the point of meeting current and future local community needs and that we continue to learn long term sustainability lessons. This approach will be maintained with the new villages we work with.

4. Links with other NGOs

Although several charities supplying varying services and addressing varying needs operate in the region, there is little in the way of communication, coordination or collaboration between them. We have demonstrated that by working in collaboration with other charitable or NGO organisations it is possible to deliver greater net sustainable benefits to the local communities than by acting in isolation. We will continue to establish relationships with other NGO’s so that we can align interests and intentions to ensure projects throughout the area are cohesive and complementary and make most efficient use of aggregate resources. Project Focus – Clean Water, Sanitation & Related Hygiene Issues Future Cameroon Catalyst’s

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