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About Cameroon Catalyst

Cameroon Catalyst is an international development charity focused on promoting sustainable development in the Eastern region of Cameroon, and was founded in 2009. The charity brings together students, engineers and specialists to develop projects which are carefully researched, well designed and fulfil a real need.

Surveying the region

Last month two members of the Cameroon Catalyst (CamCat) student team, Mikey Harper and Gervaise Turbervill, travelled to Cameroon alongside John Hackett, a Water Resources Specialist at Anglain Water and Dr Andrew Ako Ako, a Researcher at the Hydrological Research Centre, Yaounde, to conduct a week long hydrogeological study in a number of villages in [...]

Volunteer Structural Engineer Needed

Structural Engineering Checker Cameroon Catalyst is a charity run largely by civil engineering students at the University of Southampton. For the past five years, we have fundraised, designed and built a number of community infrastructure projects in North – East Cameroon, including a health centre, primary school, solar hub and carpentry workshop. We are in [...]

The Sustainable Housing Scheme

Cameroon Catalyst worked with Article 25  to design a safer and more sustainable housing prototype. Innovations included triangular shaped windows for improved structural performance, rendered flooring to reduce the spread of diseases and jali walls to increase ventilation. The CamCat design team also included rainwater harvesting and a latrine to improve sanitation. The collaborative approach between [...]

Cameroon Catalyst recognised by The Institute of Structural Engineers

We are very pleased to announce that the Cameroon Catalyst medical centre has been recognised by The Institute of Structural Engineers and the Joint Board of Moderators as an inspirational example of best practise in structural engineering education. Janet Clark, Education Manager at The Institution of Structural Engineers “We can only praise Cameroon Catalyst’s excellent [...]

Leading the Way for Sustainable Development in Cameroon

Cameroon Catalyst (Cam Cat) recently hosted a seminar in Bertoua, East Cameroon to present the Cam Cat vision for rural development to Cameroonian governmental officials and local NGO representatives. The seminar, which was broadcast on national television and radio, was a chance for Cam Cat to gain exposure of the vital work which has taken [...]

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