Hi everyone!

My name’s Ant, and I’m Cameroon Catalyst’s intern!

I’ll be heading to Cameroon next weekend with a small group of volunteers, and staying out there until the end of August. Following a busy first week of meetings, the rest of the team will return to the UK and I’ll join the charity Better World Cameroon (https://www.facebook.com/betterworldcameroon) in the city of Bamenda, in the North West Province, for a month, where I’ll help them with their mudbrick-construction projects and see how Cameroon Catalyst can learn from their expertise. I’ll then head to Bertoua, Bambouti and other villages in the east to complete a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Continuing the development of Cameroon Catalyst’s previous projects;
  • Carrying out research for the Southampton-based student team to allow them to complete their current work on designing sources of clean water, before managing the construction of new pumps in some of the villages we’ve researched in the past;
  • Meeting representatives from other organisations (including NGOs, government officials and private companies…) to discuss how Cameroon Catalyst can collaborate with them to ensure our resources are being used as efficiently as possible;
  • Working with local volunteers to pass on our skills and to allow the management of our future projects to be based in Cameroon as much as possible, ensuring we’ll always have the full support of the villagers we’re working with;
  • Sharing stories of some of the locals on our website (along with a blog) and on this Facebook page, to show you exactly who your kind donations are helping (in a “Humans of Cameroon” photo album, unashamedly based on the model developed by the excellent ‘Humans of New York’ page).

I hope to be able to provide regular updates on my work (dependent on internet access, of course), so I look forward to taking you all with me on my journey over the next few months!

I’ll post up the first photos of the Humans of Cameroon next weekend. In the meantime, here’s a photo of me working on the construction of the solar hub in 2013!