Project Description

The Problem

There was a lack of space at the local school which meant children having to walk long distances to reach the nearest classroom. By constructing the new school, it allowed more children to access education and also reduced walking distances along the main road (with trucks passing at 60mph) for those in the village and surrounding local villages. Also the existing primary school was becoming dangerous with rebar in the columns exposed and a lack of a roof.

The Project

The project consisted of construction of 2 school buildings and after construction was complete the old primary school was actually repaired by the government after it transpired the money originally budgeted for the repair work went “missing”, so in effect the village got 3 primary school buildings and 5 classrooms.

The Result

The school has been at full capacity ever since and has made a marked improvement on the education of children in the area.

The Team

Thank you to all the students at the University of Southampton who got involved to help make this project possible. Team2011