Since 2009, Cameroon Catalyst have completed 5 projects across healthcare, electrification, education, housing and training. We have now started a second phase to target water and sanitation issues.

Further details of the projects can be found below.

2017 – 2021: Water and Sanitation Expanded

We have continued our focus on water and sanitation projects, using our expertise built over the previous projects to expand our impact across the region.

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2014-2015: Water and Sanitation

We began our work constructing modern wells across the region of east Cameroon. These projects protected the water from contamination and provided safe drinking water for vulnerable communities.

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2013-2014: Housing Improvements

One of the major problems facing villagers in Cameroon is inadequate housing. This is both in terms of often being structurally unsafe, and in terms of creating living conditions that are detrimental to health. Therefore, the project for 2013-14 was to design a house that was affordable for local people and improved living conditions.

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2012-13: Solar Electrification

Cameroon Catalyst partnered with Energy for Development to develop solar electrification for the village of Bambouti. Much of rural Cameroon does not have access to the national electricity network, and therefore rely on kerosene or diesel as sources of fuel. Reliable and affordable sources of energy are fundamental not only for wellbeing, but also for economic growth and poverty reduction.

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2011-12: School Buildings

Before Cameroon Catalyst began their work in Bambouti, a single school building was present in the village. Neglect had unfortunately led to the building becoming run down and dilapidated. Two school blocks were constructed, with the capacity for 80 students each as well as a headmaster’s office. A final twist to the year’s project occurred in August 2012 when, inspired by the work of Cameroon Catalyst and shamed by national newspapers for their lack of action, the government renovated the pre-existing school building.

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2010-11: Carpentry and Mechanical Workshop

A new building was built for the purpose of teaching skills to members of the village. The Papa Gaspard Carpentry and Mechanical workshop, named after the beloved father of gaspard jr. includes areas for carpentry, mechanics and a general teaching space. The building was completed in June 2011. In 2013, the workshop ran an apprenticeship scheme for young people in Bambouti.

2009-10: Medical Centre

The first project undertaken by Cameroon Catalyst was the construction of a new medical centre. The village of Bambouti previously lacked an adequate facility for medical examinations and procedures, hence the January Hope Medical Centre was designed to provide a basic level of care in the village. The centre originally housed some teaching before the construction of the new school buildings in 2012. As of 2013, the centre is being used as a fully fledged clinic with a surgery.